Thursday, 31 December 2015

Page 1, Planner Tips!

Hi friends,

On the last day of 2015 I'm preparing for January, page 1 of the next book begins tomorrow! I wanted to show you how I plan out my month to keep myself organized because I'm a bit of a nerd. I got my diary from Typo and I adore it. I'm not one of those girls that decorates their planners with thousands of stickers and tape and designs it all beautifully. Quite frankly, I can't be bothered with the time and money that takes! Mine is much simpler, I use one sticker sheet to just give me an idea of when I have important events like birthdays or meetings over the whole month, they're from Kikki K!

Tip 1: Keep an overall layout of your month. This gives you a much clearer idea of what is happening over each week and how near events are. This is helpful when Birthdays are coming up, you can see how many weeks are left.

In my planner there is a monthly grid which I try to keep pretty blank at the start. I put in anything that's 'booked', e.g. theatre trips, meetings, tutorials etc. and then birthdays.

Tip 2: Colour coordinate! This lets you see the balance of your work/social life.

In my planner there is a week by week layout! This is an example of the week beginning the 4th January. Now the colours may look a bit crazy but I find using a colour system really helpful! I use the colored ink gel pens from Kikki K but obviously you can get coloured pens anywhere! My system is as follows:

Purple - Work
Red - Blogging
Blue - Exercise
Pink - Social
Dark Green - Degree work
Light Green - Health

It's a great way of prioritising. This way if a friend suggests going out for drinks I can look at my week generally and see how much social time I have etc.

Tip 3: Leave space! When you initially start planning out your week leave lots of space. As I'm at work different jobs come up and new meetings. It's important to not scribble everything in straight away. For weeks ahead when things are booked put these in on a sticky note and then transfer them in pen when they're confirmed nearer the time.

I hope this has helped and given you some diary motivation! I love this planner so much because it's not too big and isn't too complicated. The papers change each month so I'll give you a little sneak peak at a plain month ahead so you can see the pattern.

I hope you all start the new year off with a bang and having an amazing evening!

Love & hugs,


  1. You seem so organised! I love my diary, it's amazing how busy life can get.

    1. Having a diary just makes me so much calmer, I try to retain all the information in my head and just end up getting stressed out! Thanks for the comment :)
      Lucy xoxo

  2. Love it! I want one <3 Miss you already xx

    1. GET ONE! I'm obsessed! Miss you gorgeous, hope you're having an amazing time skiing!

      Lucy xoxo

  3. I lovethis. I love to have cute planners full of colors.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

    1. I think the colours help! It's nice to look at but also helps me feel more organised!
      Thanks for the comment :)
      Lucy xoxo