Monday, 7 December 2015

Day 7 - Brown paper packages tied up with string!

Hi Friends :)

In the midst of all the Christmas shopping I had to pop in a cheeky order for me didn't I? YES I DID. I was on Charlotte Tilbury's website and it's just all so beautiful and luxurious and I just had to do it. So here is a mini haul! I wasn't planning on posting this when I made the order, but when it arrived it all looked so impressive so I HAD to post it.

Here we go...

When you open the box it's just stunning. It looks like an ordinary cardboard box but then the inside of the box has a beautiful illustration and the first thing you see is a gold embossed envelope...which tells you how much money you've spent, so definitely pass that one. 

Under the gorgeous tissue paper there's so much more than I even ordered! I wanted the lipstick in Birkin Brown, the magic foundation in shade 1 (obviously, I'm super pale) and the feline liquid eyeliner pen! But there was an additional 6 samples - I think that's pretty impressive.

I've never tried a lipstick sample before so I have to say I'm super exited about those. The rest are 3 shade samples for the foundation, so I'm giving each of them to friends. Then there's a night cream and an eye cream which I'm giving to one of my friends. 

This is the foundation! I have to say I think the packaging is gorgeous as a first impression. I love the glass bottle and rose gold cap and of course, got to love the pump. I've seen so many people using this foundation and so many makeup artists on instagram so I realised it was one I just had to try out.

I have to say liquid eyeliner is my nemesis. I just can't handle it but felt tip pens make it all the more easier and this one is so precise at the end and actually DARK. I have a few eyeliners that just look grey after a while so this one is great *keep your fingers crossed*. 

Okay, I have a problem with this one. These lipsticks are incredible and I can't get enough. It's the matte revolution formulation and I've been converted. I used to think the matte finish wasn't that nice looking but I've become a MASSIVE fan, these lipsticks are my favourite. This year I've suddenly been obsessed with darker shades of berry and brown so I thought this one was a bit of a necessity. 

I hope you enjoyed this little first look! I'll definitely do a review once they have been trialled and tested :) 

Love & hugs always,


  1. That dark lip color looks so pretty! I'd love to see that on you.

    1. Thank you! It's gorgeous, I'll post a picture soon :) Thanks for commenting xoxo

  2. i sincerely hope this friend is me... (red devil face) hahaa, miss your face