Monday, 14 December 2015

Day 14 - Whistle while you work...

Hi Friends :)

So it has begun! The cleaning project has started. On Friday my working term ended which means the three week holiday has begun! Of course it's going to be an amazing time to see family and friends but I also have a massive amount of degree work to do and holidays are my time for cleaning! Today I wanted to share my cleaning schedule for the Christmas break because I'm sure many of you out there will be wanting to do a massive clean up before the Christmas festivities begin!

SO here goes nothing...

In every room:
-Dust the light fixtures
-Clean the bins
-Re-organise messy areas
-Make bags for charity shops and friends for unwanted items

Living Room:
-Vacuum the rug, wash the floor
-Clean the windows
-Wash cushions and sofa covers
-Pull sofa out and vacuum behind the sofa
-Dust the shelves

-Wash the floors
-Clean the window
-Clear out the fridge and clean the shelves
-Clear out the cupboards and clean them
-Make sure any unwanted food is thrown out
-Clean the oven
-Clean the dishwasher
-Re-organise messy cupboards
-Wipe down the front of all cupboards and drawers
-Dust the top of all the cupboards

-Wash the floors
-Re-organise shoe rack
-Go through cupboard and clear it out
-Complete all washing and clean the cupboard

-Vacuum the floor
-Clean the window
-Throw away old make up
-Throw away unwanted stationary/office equipment
-Go through chest of drawers for clothing to donate

-Vacuum floor
-Clean the window
-Wash the sheets
-Clear out wardrobe
-Sort out bedside table
-Organise lingerie chest

-Wash the floors
-Clean the toilets
-Clean the showers
-Clean the sinks
-Wipe down the mirrors
-Throw away expired products

This is my almighty plan for the MUST be accompanied by some rather loud music to keep me going!

I hope this gives you some motivation to keep going and that you can use it as your own to-do list, as I will be, during the run up to Christmas!

Love & hugs,


  1. This truly is a mega cleaning list! You do all of this and your place will be spotless! I may even keep this list handy when I have to do some tidying myself!

    Shannon Sage

    1. That's the hope anyway! I always find it good to have a cleaning list of you feel like you're working endlessly and getting nowhere. Thanks for commenting :) xoxo