Friday, 4 December 2015

Day 4 - DIY Advent Calendar!

Hi Friends :)

Lots of my friends have recently been saying that they've missed out on getting an advent calendar and many have mentioned wanting to make their own. Now I know this is a few days late, but hey - better late than never!

Each year I make my parents a DIY advent calendar. I decided that this year I wanted to make them something they could keep always, not something temporary for December. So I have created this calendar!

-For this project you will need:
-1 A3 piece of mount board
-24 little pegs
-Printing paper
-Brown paper
-1 fineliner
-1 glue stick
-Double sided tape

So to start, you want to select 24 photos and make them square, and 2x2 inches and print them out!

Here are just a few of mine...

After this you need to cut out 24 brown paper envelopes to put them in! This was a bit of an effort, but I used the template below and drew around it on brown paper and cut them all out. I then folded the sides and glued them together where they overlapped. 

Then I numbered each image 1-24 so they know which one to open on which day! Once the envelopes are ready they all need to be attached to the A3 card with double sided tape and the final result looks like this... 

I know this isn't the best image but it was taken at my parents house on my phone after I dropped it off! I hope you like the look of it and that it gives you an idea if you're a bit late on the advent calendar front! They love opening a new picture each day and it means at the end there will be 24 pictures in one frame! I'm going to take a photo of it on Christmas day. 

I hope you're all loving December so far, I'm starting to feel super festive. 

Love & hugs always,


  1. ugh I should have thought of that, its such a cute idea