Thursday, 10 December 2015

Day 10 - Instagram Diary...

Hi Friends :)

I LOVE Instagram, it's my favourite social media platform. It's so visual (obviously) and it's a fantastic place to store all of my most cherished photos. You've already seen my christmas tree, advent post and the breakfast SO I thought I'd go through 3 other of my favourite recent posts :) 

This is my current feed!

This photo is super special to me because I felt so surprised and special this day. Two of my best friends organized for my desk to be decorated at work so that when I went into the office it was a surprise for me on the morning of my birthday! It was such a lovely idea which is so thoughtful, I was very overwhelmed! 

This one is also a pretty sentimental picture for me! My beautiful friend Hong lives in Chichester which is kind of far away so having her come to stay with me for a few days was such a treat. We were powering through some intense amounts of degree work and realized we needed a break! We went for a walk in my local park and it was so nice to spend some time with her. 

My hometown colors their fountain pink every October for Breast Cancer Research. This is a charity so close to my heart that I had to take a photo when I saw it. So many people sit in this area during October because it's such a nice area. 

I've really loved giving a sneak peak into my instagram, would love to see posts like this from other people! 

Love & hugs,

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