Sunday, 20 December 2015

Day 20 - Best of 2015 Make up

Hi Friends :)

It's that time of year! Nothing I possibly start using now could count as a 2015 favourite... it's a tad too late in the year! So even though I've found some of my favourite make up products this month (CHARLOTTE TILBURY FOUNDATION) I'm not going to include it (see what I did there?!). I've had to split up make up and 'other beauty items' (what an awkward category...) into two posts or it would just get too long so expect that one in a couple of days...

So the 15 products I have loved most this year (narrowed down from about 30 I originally selected before realizing that was ludicrous)... IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

1. Naked 2 palette

I found it pretty hard to chose out of the 4 Naked palettes but it ended up being Naked 2 this year! (Definitely would have said the original Naked last year!) I feel like the colours in this one are just a bit lighter, I can go for a really natural look but then there are dark enough shades for going out. When I've worn it people have commented on my eyeshadow so it must go with my colouring well! The packaging is really sturdy and the colours are just really great for every day subtle make up.

2. Revolution Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights

My friend ( - why do I talk about you in all posts?!) showed me this one when we were on holiday in Spain this year because I thought her highlighter looked SUPER pretty. I was really scared in case it could only be purchased in Spain but then I felt like a complete idiot when I went into Superdrug and saw that they sold it! It's so so so cheap and I prefer this so much to the other more expensive ones I own so I love it.

3. Cejas brow gel

All of the writing on this product is in Spanish so I'm pretty sure you really can't get this one anywhere else but spain but HOLY MOLY - this one is a big fave. It's double ended with a brush and then a sort of gel wind up stick thing on the other. It's so much nicer than powder or a pencil stick. I feel like powder is too heavy and that a pencil stick sometimes doesn't do anything so this is great. Mac do something SORT of like this but this one is so much more affordable and easier to use I think.

4. Benefit Roller lash Mascara

Big fan of this one. I always love Benefit mascaras and although I also loved the Tarte one this year I had to go for the Roller Lash because it's so lengthening and looks best on my eyes. If I could only use one piece of make up over the whole year it would have to be mascara because it makes me look much less dead!

5. Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea Lipgloss

I'm really not a fan of lipgloss. It's sticky and it gets everywhere and it rubs off and your hair gets stuck in it and it doesn't last and it makes your lips look unnaturally shiny. BUT this one stays and isn't too sticky and is such a nice colour :) I genuinely think it's the only lipgloss I've worn all year which says something really bad considering how many lip glosses I own.

6. Sleek Life's a Peach Blush

I NEVER thought this would be a personal fave but this is definitely my most worn blush. I never thought a really orange toned blush would suit me but for some reason with the freckles and pale skin and blue eyes it all sort of just works better than anything thats really pink toned.

7. YSL Lipstick rouge volupté shine 8

I didn't include this in my lipstick post because I sneakily knew I'd be writing about it here. It's just really pretty. How good am I at describing?! It's super natural and just adds a nice shine and hint of colour. It's such a luxurious product and the smell is crazy good!

8. Mac mineralized skin finish natural powder

This is so boring because I've used this powder for the past 7 years so there's NOTHING new here but I have to mention it because it's a hardcore staple product in my collection that I think will always be there! I just can't find one with a similar finish. Even if my skin is hideous underneath this powder makes it look great.

9. Mac Vintage Selection eyeshadow base

It's another boring staple that I've been using for about 3 years now permanently but whenever I try a different one the consistency isn't right or it's too colorful. I sort of want a plain base without too much colour and without being too sparkly. It's a great creamy consistency because it blends in really well.

10. Big easy BB cream by Benefit

Wow. How can this be the most loved base... I ADORE my foundations but I've just used this one most because I wear it every day to work without it being super heavy. I wear it monday to friday every week because it's super easy to apply and blends in so well to my colouring.

11. Mac Rose pigment

I bought this at the beginning of the summer as a pick me up and I didn't think I'd get that much wear out of it because it's pink but it's SO wearable! I bought the mini size because I really wasn't sure if I'd like it but it's extra special and people always comment on it when I wear it so give it a try!

12. Nars Cassiopeia eyeshadow

Bit of an odd name. I saw this shade and thought that it was BEAUTIFUL. It's white which sounds dull but there are some amazing iridescent shades in it which reflects light really nicely. Go to the counter and swatch it because I'm sure you'll want to buy it too! It's great for the inner corner of your eyelid because it's so light.

13. L'Oreal Metal Plum eyeshadow

I saw a colleague wearing this eyeshadow and thought it was so pretty. She emailed me the details and I bought it straight away. It's so easy to sweep over the entire lid and it's really nice to blend. It really doesn't take a lot to wear it so I'd really recommend it for day-to-day wear. I wouldn't really select it for the week end but during the week at work I pick it a lot.

14. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks

WHAT A CHEAT. It's like saying 'All of Mac eyeshadows' which I would totally say but that would also be cheating. I CAN'T PICK ONE IT'S TOO HARD. I started purchasing these in 2015 and I'm pretty sure I'll eventually own all of them. The colours suit me so well because Charlotte Tilbury is a redhead herself so of course all the colours suit her and me! The consistency of the lipsticks are really nice because they stay on so well and have a really nice matte natural finish.

15. Body shop bronzer in light matte

The gold pattern on the front has rubbed off but this is my most used bronzer. This was hard to narrow down out of 3 but I think this one is the best colour for me. I find typical bronzers from boots or super drug are really dark for me but the body shop one is perfect. It's really natural and it's great for contouring.


Thanks so much for reading, I know it's a really long post but I wanted to give enough detail about each product to convince you to go out and buy them because they're all AMAZING I promise! Completely accidentally I seem to have a nice mix of prices as well so that's good.

I hope you've had an amazing 2015, please leave any recommendations below because I'm always looking to try new products to add to my already ridiculous obsession...

Love & hugs,


  1. Ooooh you have a lot of lovely picks here. I'm trying to compile my list for a video and I just can't seem to narrow it down quite yet! xx,

    1. It's so hard to narrow down your favourites, I wanted to put in wayyyyy too many mascaras! Good lucky narrowing down :) Thanks for commenting,
      Lucy xoxo

  2. Great picks! That Benefit mascara is a staple item indeed, so good!!

    Love, Kerstin

    1. I always love the Benefit mascaras, they're amazing :) Thanks for commenting!
      Lucy xoxo

  3. I love the Benefit mascaras and excited to try the new benefit lash enhancer :D Also a huge fan of Sleek products xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture - Wishing you an amazing Christmas and all the best for 2016!! ♥

    1. I've seen so much about the lash enhancer but haven't been convinced to buy it yet, maybe it'll be a favourite of 2016! Thanks for commenting, have an amazing Christmas.
      Lucy xoxo