Thursday, 17 December 2015

Day 17 - A girl can never have too many...

Hi lovely friends :)

Today I wanted to do a post about make up because I feel like it's been all about Christmas and baking lately so I wanted to talk about something else! (I bet tomorrow will be a Christmas or baking post...)

A few days ago I texted one of my best friends (Annie! telling her that I wanted to go shopping which was bad because I don't have the money for it (I've spent a LOT on Christmas!). She told me to go through my makeup collection and find old things that I LOVE, it's the same buzz that you get when you shop. SO I DID!

I feel like a super classic post is your top 5 drugstore or high end lipsticks... So I'm going to do it! All in one! Lipsticks are probably my favourite make up item. I think they're what I use most to change my look, because I don't go for super extravagant eyeshadow but I DO wear bright lipsticks. I'm more often than not seen sporting a dark or red lip (unless it's a chill day) so I thought this was the perfect post for me!

Here we go...

Rimmel 107
How could I not start with this lipstick? It's super iconic and just a perfect red. If I'm looking at all my lipsticks and not knowing what to pick I tend to go for this one. It's easy but still looks like you made an effort. It's part of the Kate Moss range which are my personal favorites from Rimmel because I love the colour range.

Topshop Innocent
This was a gift from a friend a few years ago for...Christmas I believe? I've had it for at least 3 years now and I love it. I'm not a huge fan of pink lipsticks (as you'll discover...) but this one is just subtle enough for me. It's the colour I take on holiday when I want to actually wear pink and I think the Topshop formulation is great!

Bite Tannin
Okay is this cheating?! To me Bite count as a drugstore brand but maybe they don't?! They're from Sephora but I don't THINK you can get them in the UK? Please someone tell me I'm wrong because they're actually up there as one of my favourites for formulation. I bought this red earlier in the year when I was visiting my sister in New York and immediately went back for a second colour! They're so creamy but they also really stain your lips and last all day.

Revlon Rich Raisin Frost
This lipstick is a nice dark tone but still very wearable every day. I'm not a HUGE fan of Revlon lipsticks, I normally prefer other brands but this one is a really nice colour.

Rimmel 45
This is from the Kate Moss collection that came out this summer! It's a really nice nude colour that matches my lips really closely, but just gives a nice finish. If I just want to shove something on and run out the door without thinking about it (or even looking in the mirror!) it's this one. I can't tell you the number of times I've worn this since buying it!

Now for the high end lipsticks...

Chanel Boy
This was my most worn lipstick during sixth form. It's a really quick and easy colour, you don't really have to even look when putting it on, it's just a quick 'run-out-the-door' shade, similar to Rimmel 45 in that way. It's a beautiful creamy consistency and it's pretty sheer but for a subtle colour I love it.

Charlotte Tilbury Bond Girl
I've worn this so much this year, it's a truly beautiful light berry shade. It darkens my lips just enough to show that I'm wearing a lipstick without going too vampy! I wear it to work A LOT, I think it goes with my colouring very well... as does everything from her collection!
YSL - 54 
This is a much deeper berry lipstick with a hint of red. It lasts really well and it looks beautiful on. I go between this and Glastonberry by Charlotte Tilbury during the winter.

Mac - Positively Dashing
I really like the formulation of this one and the colour is stunning. I wore it when I was home during the summer and it stays on really well. It's a very subtle pinky/red in between which I really like. It's not too matte or too shiny so it looks lovely on.

YSL 15 Coral Intuitive
This is a super light, creamy lipstick. I love to wear this when I'm abroad on summer holiday because it's a beautiful coral that doesn't show up as too orange on my lips! I love this YSL formulation because it reminds me of the Chanel rouge coco shine ones, very sheer but a beautiful consistency and their colour range is lovely.

I hope this inspired you to try some new lipsticks! Please leave your favourites in the comments because I'm obsessed with trying new ones - they are one of my big obsessions!

Love & hugs,


  1. These are all such lovely picks, I want them all! Especially the YSL Coral an Charlotte Tilbury, so gorgeous.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. Thanks Sally - they're LOVELY, try them! I love your blog xoxo

  2. Great post! I am in love with all the colors. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  3. You really love your red lipsticks! I am the same, but my collection consist of mainly MAC, just because I bought them exclusively a few years back and don't want to buy any more until I finish some of the ones I already have. Which is nearly impossible...

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    1. Big fan of red lips :) I think it suits my colouring more than pink! I find it SO hard to finish a lipstick! It takes a lot of love. Thanks for commenting xoxo