Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Day 1 - Christmas Gift Guide!

Hi Friends :)

I know I’ve been out of the loop for a while but to make up for it I’ve PLANNED on blogging each day in December until Christmas! This is a bit of a tall order for me because I’m slightly slow on the writing front… but we can keep our fingers crossed! A lot of them will be Christmas related because, lets face it, it’s the best time of the year…

So, to start of - A CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE!

I tried to tailor this to a wide range of people but then realized it’s just a list of 15 gifts I would love… many of them made it to my family wish list! (we all exchange lists).

For the cook...

'Persiana' is a beautiful cook book of recipes from the middle east & beyond! The photos are gorgeous and the book feels luxurious! I bought this for one of my colleagues birthdays recently and when you hold it in person the cover is textured, it feels extra special. It retails at Oliver Bonas for £25, or on amazon.

For the history lover…

‘I have a Dream: The speeches that changed history’ (...also from Oliver Bonas...) This book is actually lovely for everyone, history lover or not. It’s amazing to read the words of such influential people, it definitely made it to my wish list. It retails at Oliver Bonas for £9.99 or on amazon.

For the new home-owner…

These copper alphabet letters are a great present for a new home-owner because it’s very unlikely that they’ve already purchased it! I haven’t actually put it on my family wish list but I think a letter ‘L’ and a letter ‘A’ would just be really nice decorative pieces. They’re £10 from Oliver Bonas.

For the candle obsessed...

My sister bought me this Etched two-tone tea light holder for my birthday from Oliver Bonas and I just thought it was such a beautiful gift. I think it’s also a great gift for a new home-owner and it’s only £7.50.

For the make-up addict...

Urban Decay eye-shadow palettes are GORGEOUS. Any make-up addict would love to get the Naked palettes, but I’ve started looking at their other ones and think some of the colors are super gorgeous. I’d love to get the Gwen Stefani palette this year, 15 shades that are very wearable, mainly neutrals with a couple of bright colours thrown in. It’s £40 at Debanhams but I’m praying it’s reduced in a sale…

For the Christmas fanatic...

Paperchase make some beautiful decorations, I went in the store with my family a couple of weeks ago and we all though their Christmas line was amazing. I particularly LOVED these ones! My tree in the flat is only a small fake one because I actually travel to my parents for christmas and my flat is small so getting a big real one seems pretty pointless to me. These are TINY and beautiful colours and I’m definitely buying them for my tree this year! They do them in other colour variations as well so if you think your christmas fanatic would prefer a brighter version that’s also an option.

For the artist...

A slightly more expensive gift for the artist in your life is a polaroid ‘90s style camera! I have a vintage one of these but they’re now being remade for £180! Obviously this would be a main gift for someone important in your life, but you can also get pinhole camera sets now which are much cheaper.

For your Christmas game...

Each year our family plays games around Christmas time, as I think every family does! Recently my friends and I have been into pub quizzes and I was just browsing on Urban Outfitters website when I saw the ‘Talking Tables Pub Quiz Game’ - What a perfect gift! Games like this are really fun especially if you have a lot of family and friends over. It’s £25 on their site but you may be able to find it elsewhere cheaper.

For the hairy man...

Here’s a gift on the less expensive side which has to apply to any man with facial hair! I love this mug from Not on the high street - which is my go-to gift website! You can always find something really personal that you really wouldn’t find in a high street store!

For the boyfriend...

Or anyone that enjoys a beer! He always drinks them out of cans and doesn’t like it, but these glasses are really cool and personal! They cost about £22 which, for a PERSONALISED glass, i think is pretty bloody good!

For the cold nights...

Kigu’s are the new onesies in my opinion! They’re more comfortable, cooler styles and warmer! I’ve recently bought my boyfriend a sloth one for his birthday (on the 5th!). We bought them for our family friends a couple of years ago as their christmas presents and they loved them! I would highly recommend this one at £40.

For the colleagues...

There are some fantastic lush sets for £14.95 like ‘Festive Friends’ and ‘Merry and Bright’. These are great for colleagues because who doesn’t love lush?! okay some don’t but I think they’re crazy. Their sets come with a range of products for people to try and they’re always great value for money.

For the close friend...

Anna Saccone-Joly is a youtuber whose family upload daily vlogs - my favorite youtubers to be precise! Her dad gave her a scorpio necklace that he once wore and now she has created a necklace range for all of the star signs, in silver, gold and rosegold. I honestly lean towards each of these and I can’t decide which would be nicer! Silver would go with my other everyday jewelry, gold feels special and rosegold is popular right now. So who knows!

For the sentimental type...

Another type of sentimental gift is when someone creates something for you that’s DIY! Obviously there’s no page link for this one, but creating a family member or friend a photo montage or personalized gift is super special. I’m going to make a couple of my friends DIY gifts this year which will be featured later on in the month.

For the music maniac...

Another gift on the expensive end is a record player. This is the sort of thing I would love to get but could never afford to buy myself. The ones on Urban outfitters are particularly beautiful ranging from about £100-250. Personally, I think record players are really fun.

So there we have it, my ultimate gift list :)

I hope you are all happy chaps and that this has given you some gift inspiration! I have to admit, I have bought all of my gifts already... shamefully early!

Love & hugs,

p.s. I realize that this is under 'travel tuesday' but i'm taking 'travel' as holidays... so christmas stuff counts! 


  1. I love this guide, especially the I Have a Dream book, awesome gift. Would love to have that record player too!

    1. If only! The record players are so expensive! :)

  2. These are all such fab gift ideas! I love those copper letters so much, I'd definitely be happy to receive an A for Christmas!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you! They're gorgeous aren't they :) x

  3. Nice ideas! All the best with Blogmas! I am doing it too♥


    1. Thanks summer :) I'll definitely look at yours! Good luck :) x