Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Review: Zoella's Beauty Range

Hi Friends :)

Mini starting disclaimer: I realise the products have only been out a few days but this is just an initial review as I have used 4 out of the 5 I bought since its release date. Thanks :)

So... it's been some time. And when I say some time, I mean ages. My last post was MAY! I'm very sorry. Basically, exam revision kicked in and there was no time for me to post. I knew that was going to go on for a few weeks but then in June, after my exam on the 16th I just needed a couple of weeks for a break.

But now I'm back and ready to talk about some lovely smelly things - Zoella's new 'Tutti Fruity' beauty range. I went into Superdrug looking for some summer holiday minis (I love the mini deodorants and body butters) and I saw Zoella's new products were out. I was planning on buying a new perfume for the summer (a bad habit, which now means I have more perfumes than anyone ever needs in their lives) and as soon as I saw the body mist 'Let's Spritz!' I thought maybe that could replace my typical perfume purchase.

WELL KNOCK ME DOWN, it smelt AMAZING. Fruity and light, just like summer in a bottle it made me so happy and its £8 rather than the normal £30-60 I would spend on a perfume. This is possibly the thing I am most excited about wearing all summer.

I also picked up the bath fizzer 'Fresh Fizz' which I think is such a good size in comparison with the last one. Her 'Fizz Bar' is lovely, don't get me wrong, but its 6 smaller pieces and I'd always end up using 2 where as this one is 4 larger chunks, and the smell is of course dreamy.

Another one I've already tried is the 'Candy Cream' softening body lotion which has bursting beads in it *excited wiggle*. I rubbed it into my arms when I got home and the smell lingers on the skin for SO long without having that awful sticky feeling or taking ages to rub in, it's probably my second favourite of the collection.

I also purchased 'Foam Sweet Foam'. Okay. Pause a second for a moment of name appreciation, I think they're so cute. I can't REALLY comment on it yet because I haven't used it but, again, it has the lovely new scent. It's a smaller bottle than the 'Soak Opera' but is cheaper, from £5 to £3.50. I felt like it was generally a cheaper collection AND I prefer the packaging AND I prefer the product range AND I prefer the scent. It's a win win really?! Or a win win win win...yeah.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, the one I was most excited to try was 'Scrubbing me softly' a new product which is a smoothing body scrub. When I opened it the first time I was a tiny bit confused because the other scrubs I have are quite creamy and much closer to a liquid consistency than a solid, but this seemed more like a block. When I applied it to my skin it feels a little bit more like a thick butter with tiny sugar particles to make it less abrasive on my skin. I REALLY like that it moisturises your skin at the same time.

I didn't actually purchase the lip balm because personally I don't think that shade of pink suits my hair colour (redhead here), I typically stick to reds and darker colours, but I'm sure it would look great on others.

This is just my initial review of the products, my first impressions - I think the collection is fantastic but if I was to recommend 2 items on first impressions it would probably be the 'Candy Cream' softening body lotion and 'Lets Spritz'. I was going to say 'if I was to recommend 1 item' but somehow that became impossible.

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer (enjoying the HOT weather if you're in England!)

Love & Hugs,


  1. Hey hun <3 you need to get back onto this!! miss you <3

    1. Already on it! Every day in December... IF I can! Miss you too sweetheart :) x