Thursday, 11 February 2016

10 things I've learnt about how to adult.

Hi friends,

Recently it's hit me how much I've needed to grow up and fast. I've been living alone for a year and I've had to learn lots of things since then.

1) No one knows what they're doing. Okay this is so true. I've slowly realised that no other adult knows what they're doing either, that we're all just pretending. We're all winging it. 

2) When Monica vacuums her big vacuum with a mini one in friends? totally legit. Cleaning actually becomes fun. How is that even possible?

3)  Keeping track of your money is actually more important than I ever thought. I started off by just 'spending my money', but I've learnt to manage it much better through a simple list each month.

4) If you don't put on the clothes wash and clean up the moulding frying pan no one else will. Suddenly my mum is no longer helping me clean up and I'm doing it all alone and if I don't? No one is.

5) Not all your friends in high school are going to be your best friends for life. I always felt like those people would last, but the truth is friendships come and go. A couple of those friends have stayed but actually my best friends now also come from other areas of life. 

6) Saying 'no' MUST become a thing. I've been really bad at saying no for years. This year I've learnt the word 'no'. It's a lot of childrens first word but in some ways the hardest. I can now say no when people give me too much. 

7) You must be happy with yourself. I think it's SO crucial that you can be independent. I love that I am able to entertain myself, live alone, financially support myself, I think you can gain so much from it. I really think it's a terrific experience that everyone should have so that they know how to be independent. 

8) Try not to become cynical. I really don't want to get grumpy as I get older. A lot of people I'm surrounded with are bitter and grumpy about their work and actually, I want to stay as positive as I can. 

9) Finding free time to be with your friends is much harder. At school you have to see those friends every day but work can get busy and actually I could go ages without seeing people. I typically go out 4 week evenings and then once at the week end so I have one week day off and one week end day off to just chill. I think this is super important for my own sanity. 

10) Having some savings is really important. You never know when anything could happen. Your car could break down, you could suddenly get a random bill you've never heard of before. Something could break in your house. Your shower could leak. Having savings, if you possibly can, makes you feel a lot more secure.

This has been silly and fun. I hope you're all having a fab week - almost the week end!

Love & hugs,

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