Monday, 15 February 2016

Brand Focus: Benefit

Hi Friends,

Sorry I didn't get round to posting on Saturday, I had some personal things to deal with and I'm afraid blogging was the last thing on my mind. I might manage to sneak in the recipe I wanted to do at some point this week but I'm not promising anything. 

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite brands - Benefit. The thing that I feel attracts EVERYONE to Benefit at the start is their packaging. Compared to other brands it's super original and fun. 

I want to talk about my 5 favourite products from this brand which was, of course, very hard to narrow down. 

Firstly, I have to talk about the ‘Bigger than BB Big Easy’. It’s a liquid to powder oil free ‘multi balancing complexion perfector’. To be honest, I just think it’s a tinted moisturizer. I used this product more than any other as my base in 2015 and I think that says something?! Kind of crazy because I’ve always been addicted to foundations but this one is just so good for my skin.

Secondly, last year Benefit mascaras were my favourite. I love the roller lash and they’re real. They’re really lengthening and they’re always my go-to mascaras (Alongside Charlotte Tilbury, obviously.) They leave my lashes super long and full. 

At one point I had every boxed blush Benefit had released. That was a tad too overwhelming, but I think my most used ones are Bella Bamba and Rockateur. I mentioned Rockateur in a recent post so this time I thought I’d talk about Bella Bamba. It looks like a really bright pink in the box but actually I think it’s nice and buildalbe. It kind of reminds me of Nars Orgasm, they’re not exactly the same, but its a similar type of pink that suits everyone. 

I find Benefits concealers are a bit hit and miss for my skin, but I really like the Fake up. It’s not too heavy and doesn’t look like I’m caked in make up. I really try to keep my make up natural looking so this one is great for me.

Lastly, but not least, I really like the Pore fessional. It’s a balm used to minimize the appearance of pores. I’d used Mac’s version of this for a while but for SOME reason I could never apply foundation on top of their product because it would go lumpy and look TERRIBLE. I love Benefit’s version, it just works better with my skin. It’s really lightweight and makes my skin look much smoother. Thanks for that one Benefit.
I hope this has given you some inspiration for the next time you’re at the Benefit counter! 

Love & Hugs,

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