Saturday, 27 February 2016

I quit sugar!

Hi Friends,

Don’t worry, I didn’t ACTUALLY quit sugar, but I’m slowly being convinced! This week I didn’t want to do a recipe because I’m just NOT in the mood. In stead, I wanted to introduce you to my new recipe book: I quit sugar: Simplicious! (simple and delicious). It’s by Sarah Wilson and contains 306 sugar-free so-nutritious-it-hurts recipes! Now, most of the time I seem to buy recipe books and not actually USE them, but throughout March I'm determined to use this book!

Not only does it contain all these fantastic recipes but there's also an introduction on what equipment to use, how to store the food, preserving food... it's all really interesting to read - I promise! The actually recipes are then broken down into the basics ( things like sauces, dressings) then breakfast, snacks, minced meat, fish etc. there is a category for everyone! 

It's on amazon for £7.99 and I highly recommend it! I hope you all have a great week end, 

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