Monday, 29 February 2016

My 3 favourite highlighters!

Hi Friends,

Today I want to talk about my top 3 highlighters! I won't lie to you, I prefer the high end ones. I prefer the quality, the finish... all of it! I do still like drugstore products, but if you're wanting a post on cheap highlighters this is not the one for you. 

Firstly, the Hourglass Ambient strobe lighting powder in 'Iridescent strobe light' is GORGEOUS. I haven't seen such a subtle, shimmery WITHOUT chunky glitter highlighter in such a long time. It's so natural and gives a really beautiful glow. It has pink undertones which compliments my skin well.

This powder is amazing. I wanted to take the photo before using it because the finish is insane. It's the Dior Nude Air illuminating powder in 'glowing nude' from the Glowing Gardens collection. Obviously, the design of the powder is stunning, but the finish is also fantastic. It's pretty hard to get your hands on because I think it's exclusive to Selfridges, but if you can get it then do - it's not a waste! 

Lastly, I adore the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronze & glow face sculpt & highlight powder! Mine is in fair-medium, because I'm very pale. The highlight is very subtle, which seems to be a theme between these three products. It leaves much more of a It is probably the least noticeable of the three which makes it perfect for every day wear!

In general, each product has fantastic packaging. They each have really long staying power and are very soft to the skin. I'd highlight recommend any of them as a first high-end highlighter! 

Love & hugs,

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