Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Brand Focus: Charlotte Tilbury!

Hi Friends,

For this what I love Wednesday sunday post I wanted to talk about my all time favourite make up brand...can you guess it? yep, the title probably helped, Charlotte Tilbury. Even if you DIDNT' read the title I feel like I actually mention Charlotte Tilbury make up in maybe EVERY post on my blog and this is why...
a) Charlotte Tilbury is a redhead make up artist so the colours she creates are perfect for my colouring
b) Her make up is really high quality and is totally worth the price in my personal opinion
c) The packaging... okay it may sound sad but IT'S GORGEOUS!

SO, I wanted to talk about my favourite 5 products from her range.

1) Matte Revolution Lipsticks

Okay let me tell you. These lipsticks are just crazy. I'm such a big fan, I cannot even express my love for them. The odd shape perfectly fits to my lips, the colours are SO great and work with my pale skin, freckles, blue eyes and red hair. I'm also a huge fan because the colours aren't predominantly pink. I am obsessed with berry tones and the colours I have from her are just perfect. *claps Charlotte*

2) Filmstar Bronze & Glow

This packaging is crazy. I'm just putting it out there, it's stunning. The actual product is so easy to use, perfect for my colouring because it's pale enough for me. The highlight is also so subtle but gorgeous. I use it every day and I'm a big fan.

3) The Feline Flick

Let's just chat about eyeliner. I feel like I've missed my Hogwarts letter to cat flick lessons. I've never had this skill with eyeliner that other people have, the struggle is real. BUT this eyeliner has made it all so much easier. It gets thin enough towards the end that it doesn't look like I've drawn slugs on my eyes.

4) Magic Foundation

This feels like such a luxurious product. I don't actually use this foundation every day because I think it's too expensive for that and I don't actually wear foundation every day, but at the week ends? It's my go-to foundation.

5) Full Fat Lashes Mascara

I've fallen in love. I've been so used to using plastic wands for my mascaras but this one is AMAZING with a bristle brush, it separates my lashes a lot better and makes them look a lot longer. I now can't see myself being as obsessed with a plastic brush mascara again.

There we go! I hope you've enjoyed the post, it's really fun to look at the brand overall and see what I love most from it. Charlotte Tilbury is now a personal favourite and I really recommend it. I realise that these products are expensive and not always affordable but I think the saving is worth it! Please tell me what else you love from this brand, things I need to try out.

Lots of love & hugs,

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