Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 23 - Stop wishing, Start doing!

Hi Friends,

Today I wanted to post about my 'wishes' for 2016!

1. I want to do well in this degree module. When I say 'well', ideally I'd like to get a first but I know that would be really hard.

2. In 2016 I want to make sure I'm only surrounding myself with people who make me truly happy. I think sometimes we feel obliged to see people who actually end up bringing us down but I need to put myself first instead.

3. Get back into reading! I feel that when I read all of my degree books I never have time to read books that are fun. So I'm going to aim to read 1 book per month. Although that doesn't seem like a lot, on top of degree work, my actual job and this blog I think that's okay.

4. I want to get back into exercising. I feel like I've been slightly distracted by a certain boyfriend over the past 3 months and that I've let things like that slip so I'm going to get back to my routine!

5. I've really enjoyed blogging over Blogmas and I wanted to set a goal of how many posts I want to write a week. I think I'm going to aim for 3 each week which will alternate days. E.g. first week monday, wednesday, friday, sunday and then the next week tuesday, thursday saturday. This way I post on each day once over two weeks. I hope this is realistic for me to keep up!

6. I've really enjoyed experimenting with new meals recently because I feel like I can get stuck making meals that I find 'quick and easy' so at least once a month I want to try a new recipe. I want to make sure I eat less red meat and more chicken and fish.

7. SKINCARE! Okay I feel like sometimes I really let this slip and I don't go through all of the steps so this year I'm determined that I'm going to get on top of a good skincare routine morning and night. I know that I should have been doing this, and I often do, but I forget sometimes or I swap products often but I need to use them all up before I can purchase any more.

8. Find time to do my own artwork. I haven't actually done much of my own work over the past few months because I've been so busy with my degree but I find it really soothing so I think it's important to draw more often.

9. A huge aim is to decorate the flat. It is decorated already, but there are certain things that I want to do to it to make it a nicer place to live in. For example, the second bedroom has glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and a little border around the top of the walls of Winnie the Pooh. As much as I think it's cute, now that I've bought all of the main furniture I want to spend money on repainting that room.

10. Even when work and my degree become really busy I want to make sure my boyfriend and I set aside one evening a week for a 'date night', when we stop working and spend our time together. It doesn't have to be an expensive evening out, but just watching a movie at home and cooking together.

I hope I can keep these up! Let me know what your goals for 2015 are below, because I'd love to see your ideas.

Love & hugs,


  1. This post is so motivating and it's such a great idea to plan your goals this year. So that when January is here, there's no excuses to slack lol. I definitely thinks that only only giving your time to specials ones is the best thing to do - I have already started doing that. Wishing you a lovely Christmas and New Year too.:)

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    1. Thank you! I think it's useful to have goals that can be measured. E.g. if I want to get into trying new recipes MAKE sure I try a new one each week :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas!
      Lucy xoxo