Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Day 2 - Dude, it's December.

Hi Friends!

For my favorites this month I’ve decided to change it up and try categories :) I thought it might be a bit of fun so here we go!
Favorite beauty product:
This month I have been loving my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Bond Girl. It’s definitely my most worn lipstick, because I think it really compliments my colouring. As a redhead, I normally find it hard to find make up that really suits me because I feel like the colours are normally catered to blondes or brunettes. However! Charlotte Tilbury is a redhead herself so she’s made an entire line which of course, does still suit blondes and brunettes, but also really works with my pale skin, freckles, blue eyes and red hair!

Favorite music:
HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDDDDDDEEEE. Yes, sung whilst typed. I’m sorry, but who HASN’T started missing someone who doesn’t even exist?! because I have. yes I have. only when listening to this song. Adele’s ‘Hello’ is FLAWLESS. That woman is golden.

Favorite Film/TV Show:
Okay so don’t hate because I KNOW I’m late on this one but I adore Greys Anatomy. I’ve only caught up to season 4 but so far it is incredible. You can go from smiling to crying in a second and I pretty much DO cry during every episode. I find all the characters super interesting and although the surgery bits make me feel sick, it’s so worth it.

Favorite Blogger:
I have to start with Annie, what a babe. This is my best friend who ALSO has a blog and has been getting back into it this month which makes me happy! Keep it up! Please go click on her link because she’s amazing and you can really feel her joyful personality when reading her blog. Love you and can't wait to have you home for Christmas :)

Favorite Photo:
This may seem odd as a favorite photo but every week end for the past two months my boyfriend has taken me out for breakfast one morning and it feels like such a treat EVERY time. I haven’t gotten used to it yet! It’s such a special tradition and part of my week. I know it is slightly shameful but I don't eat anything else for the rest of the day!

Favorite book:
My sister bought me the cook book ‘Deliciously Ella’ for my birthday which is full of awesome recipes for a plant based diet, which is great! It was a really generous gift from her and I’ve already planned when I’m going to try the recipes throughout December!

I hope you all had a fantastic November, ROLL ON DECEMBER!

Love & hugs!


  1. Love your favorite photo! Nice book!
    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. "Deliciously Ella" sounds like a book I would love ♥

  3. Love you and miss you too xxx but so soon!! only 2 weeks more <3