Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Day 22 - Best of 2015 Beauty

Hi Friends :)

So this is the OTHER side of my favourites, not the make up but the 'other' beauty products. They're not so fun BUT things like skincare and perfume are all the little things that make us feel glamorous even when the make up isn't there! (Deep moment). I'm not going to pick something for each category (e.g. perfume, nail varnish, cleanser, toner, moisturizer) because I feel like those wouldn't be my FAVOURITE 15... For example, even though I love my toner it wouldn't count as one of my top 15 products!

So here are the top 15 of this year...

1. Simple make up wipes

This is a bit dull to start with but I feel like it's very easy to go into Superdrug or Boots and look at the endless amounts of make up wipes and think they're all pretty much the same! I've tried and tested pretty much every single pack in there and found that the Simple wipes are best for me. I have SUPER sensitive skin, so the 'yes to cucumber' ones make my skin so sore and really stings. I've found the ONLY wipes that don't sting are Simple, Mac and Nivea. Nivea ones are really soft but I don't feel like they work as well. It's a nice luxury to use the Mac ones but not really necessary - Simple ones are great!

2. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I feel like everyone talks about Bioderma which is much harder to get in the UK but Garnier have their own version which I love. It helps remove make up and I find it really soothing on my skin. It's really gentle on the skin compared to lots of other cleansers but also feels like it gets the job done! I've gone through a few bottles in 2015, it's a staple to my skincare routine.

3. Body Scrub by Zoella Beauty

The first of 3 that made it to my top 15 - I'm not sure how that happened! Although I liked the original connection I felt that the summer Tutti Fruity one was perfect for me. 'Scrubbing me softly' is her body scrub and the smell is just perfect for summer. I love using scrubs all year round because they make me feel so much cleaner and out of the many many MANY that I tried in 2015, this was my favourite.

4. Chanel Chance Perfume

I bought this perfume early this year and it's become my new luxurious scent! I'd say it's my 'staple' perfume, it's amazing. I mention two more perfumes in this post but you'll see why! Although it's expensive I absolutely adore it. It's a little bit more mature than many of my other perfumes because it doesn't smell TOO floral or too young... I don't think! I'm not a professional when it comes to describing scents so I'm not even going to try BUT when you're near a Chanel counter please give it a whiff - it's worth it.

5. Sigma Angled Kabuki brush - F84

I was lucky enough to receive £200 from Feel Unique which gave me the opportunity to try some new brushes! Sigma brushes were always on my wish list but I never felt like I could justify buying them until then! I love this specific kabuki because it blends in my foundation really well. It's really dense and high quality, well done Sigma *clapclap*.

6. Lets Spritz Body Mist by Zoella

Okay so it's product number two form this range! I'm sorry but it really has been one of the products I've used most this year! During the summer I didn't want to wear my Chanel perfume as much because I wanted to use a mist just to feel like I wasn't wearing such heavy products and this one was so fruity! I used it as my summer holiday scent because I went away twice. It will now just be the scent that reminds me of being abroad - it smells incredibly fresh.

7. Chanel Rouge Noir Nail Varnish

You know that you're obsessed with a nail varnish when you end up wearing a super dark colour in the middle of summer. This was my go-to polish all year and that is quite impressive. It frustrates me a little bit because every time I looked at the other colours I would be tempted until I saw this one and there was then no question! I clearly need to invest in more of these, I'm sure their colour range is amazing.

8. Dior Lip Glow

I really prefer lip balms that are in a stick rather than in a pot like vaseline ones. I used this dior one a lot this year and I found it really softening to my lips, especially during the colder months.

9. Urban Decay setting spray

This is a bit of a dull one but setting sprays are really important to keep my make up on or it just seems to smudge over the day. I've tried other setting sprays but this seems to be the one for me. Big thanks to Urban Decay!

10. Zoella Wonder Hand cream

Last product from this like I swear. This isn't from the summer range but came out this Autumn, just in time for when my hands started drying up! The packaging is beyond beautiful, I love the colours and design. BUT more importantly the smell is amazing and it really moisturizes my hands.

11. Really Techniques Sponge

When I haven't been spending the time to use the Kabuki brush and have wanted a very quick blend I've used this sponge! This is typically when I've been rushing to work but it blends so well. Writing about all of these has made me feel so fortunate to be able to have and try these products!

12. Mac 214 brush

I was at the Mac shop in Cambridge and the make up artist there CHANGED MY LIFE. Okay thats dramatic BUT SLIGHTLY TRUE. She was using the 214 brush, which I've always seen as an eyeshadow brush, for applying lipstick to my friend! It's the PERFECT shape for your lips and I'd never really used a lip brush before because I thought it was a bit of a waste but it defines my lips so much better and now I really hate applying lipstick without it. I'M SUCH A BRUSH REBEL.

13. Elizabeth and James Nirvana White perfume

I went to New York in March to visit my sister and tried this perfume in Sephora. As soon as I got back to the UK I was so mad I didn't buy it because it's not as easy to get here. But my parents went out to visit her 2 weeks after and they bought me the roller ball small one! I love this scent because, similarly to the Chanel one, it feels more mature than my other perfumes. I keep it in my handbag always and apply it when I'm running out the door late.

14. Nivea Deodorant

Hmmmm. I didn't think I'd ever be blogging about me deodorant but there you have it! This year I asked someone what perfume they were wearing because I loved the scent and then we realized that it was just their deodorant - what the heck! The purple bottle of the Nivea deodorant smells AMAZING. I'd always gone with sure deodorant, which I still love, but this one is so softening and smells amazing. Big big fan.

15. First aid beauty ultra repair cream

Final product! This is a life saver for my super sensitive skin. It's really soothing and helps any dry areas. Again, I bought this in New York but I think this one is available in the UK. Give it a try if you can because it's really improved my skin this year. I put it either side of my nose as my skin gets really dry there and then on my acne prone areas.

There we have it ladies and gentleman, my favourite non-makeup beauty products! I hope you've enjoyed it and that it gives you some inspiration for purchases during 2016

Lots of love & hugs,


  1. Simple make up wipes are always a favourite for me, they are great! I really want to try the urban decay spray as well, it sounds amazing.
    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

    1. I've re-bought the urban decay spray a few times so I would say it's worth it :) Thanks for the comment Kate!
      Lucy xoxo

  2. Very Nice picks dear ♥