Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Day 8 - DIY Pamper Jar...

Hi Friends :)

I know normally jar gifts are cookies or hot chocolate recipes... or something, but this one isn't! This one is for one of my colleagues and it's a pamper jar.

I knew she loved a nail polish from Mac, so I decided to get it as her main christmas gift and then little extras like socks and beauty samples.

You will need...

-1 jar
-All of your fillings
-1 piece of christmas ribbon/string
-1 hole punch
-1 piece of festive card

I used on of my parents old honey pots as the jar. I started by filling it at the bottom with the socks as a bit of padding! They're festive and cute. Then I covered the back with samples from Charlotte Tilbury and L'Occitan. Then on top I put her Mac nail polish and hand cream :)

I then added the festive bow! I measured it out around the jar and tied it at the back. 

I then wanted to add a tag so I cut out a bit of Christmas card and wrote my message on the back. I then hole-punched the corner and threaded the bow through so that it was attached to the ribbon. 

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration! That even if you have a small budget as a gift you can still create something special for a friend so HOPEFULLY she likes it! 

Have fun wrapping your Christmas gifts, this is the best part about this season :)

Love & hugs,


  1. What a great item to give as a gift <3

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  2. That's a cute idea. You could probably create these for your friends based on stuff you have that you don't want from subscription boxes. Thanks for this post. I needed an ideas for what to do with those things.

    1. Exactly! I get SO many samples that sometimes I just give my friends little make up bags filled with samples as gifts. It's a little bit less effort and it's always appreciated :) Thanks for commenting xoxo

  3. so cute, straight out of pinterest <3