Sunday, 20 March 2016

What I've been eating...

Hi Friends,

So, I'm behind. This week has been a particularly rough one so I haven't really been able to sit down and focus on writing blog posts! This means that today you are due a Wednesday, Friday AND Sunday post... get ready for some reading. This week I've been LOVING food... that sounds super odd, but I've been really loving prepping my food for lunch and making dinner because I've been putting much more effort into it. When I spoke about what I've been loving buying in the previous post I knew I wanted to follow it with some meal ideas! 

The above picture is what I've been having for breakfast... basically a pile of berries and a pinch of granola. I've either been having this or just fruit alone. 

I've had this a few times recently and obviously its not presented beautifully but I'm a big fan. I've been making veggie burgers which I make from butternut squash, broccoli, onion, sweetcorn and pesto! They taste amazing. I also roasted a pepper and had some broccoli with it! It sounds a bit odd but I didn't even realise that all I'd eaten that meal was vegetables. 

Lastly, presented in a particularly disgusting way, is my courgetti and meatballs. I took this photo VERY quickly as you can probably tell because I was super hungry. What I find AMAZING about courgetti is that it TASTES like spaghetti but I'm eating a vegetable...HOW?! All I do is fry the grated courgette into a pan for about 4 minutes and then have my home made meatballs with it! The way I make these is minced beef, onion and pesto - delicious. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post - sorry for the rather rubbish photos but I've always been super hungry before eating these. I'll try to do more of these posts because I've really enjoyed trying new recipes recently.

I hope you're all well - Love & hugs, 

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