Tuesday, 8 March 2016

4 Free things to do in New York City!

Hi Friends,

Today I want to do something really fun and talk about 4 free things to do in New York! It's one of my favourite places to visit and the free things are obviously amazing!

1) Take a walk through Central Park... it's so lovely all times of the year and have different sections that I adore. My two favourites are the John Lennon Imagine area and the Alice and Wonderland sculpture.

2) Look at the mosaics in the subway! This sounds really weird probably to New Yorkers, but London doesn't have quite such artistic underground stations! The ones I saw in New York were AMAZING and I think some of the people who lived there thought that I was a crazy human taking photos, but they're amazing works of art. 

3) Walk the high line! This is one of my FAVOURITE things to do in New York because of the art work along it. It's basically an old rail line that has been converted into an amazing walkway that has views of fantastic art and architecture. 



4) Finally, walking along the Brooklyn Bridge. It lets you see New York from a completely different point of view and it's so nice to get away from the huge buildings, I love it. 

I know some of these are very generic and obvious but I think they're super important! There are so many things in New York that you can do which are super expensive but these ones are some of my favourites and free!

I hope you're all having a lovely week,

Love & Hugs,

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