Sunday, 20 March 2016

Street Art Tour...

Hi Friends,

Today I've had a FANTASTIC day. I know that maybe I should be posting this on a Friday because it's to do with art, but it's also about how I relax and how I've spent my week end. My sister and I went around Shoreditch and looked at all of the street art and it is just AMAZING. It makes me want to move to Shoreditch and I'm SUCH a countryside girl, so that says something! I thought I'd share with you some of my absolute favourite photos from the day.

This is my favourite artist called 'Stink Fish', their work has SUCH a unique, beautiful style. 

Jimmy C's aerosol pointillism is unreal. There is another piece I found of his later on which I've added to this post! 

Conor Harrington is another phenomenal street artist who was trained in fine art. 

One of my favourite pieces of the day which is HUGE. 

I'm a massive fan of street art and think it looks AMAZING. These are just a few of my favourite bits. If you ever end up in London I would highly recommend stopping around this area. The art is obviously fantastic, but so are the little shops and the independent Cafes, it's such a creative, vibrant place to be. These are just a small selection of the hundreds of photos I took. I feel so inspired to create more of my own work now. 

Love & hugs,

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