Saturday, 12 March 2016

Favourite picks from the supermarket...

Hi Friends,

This sounds a bit odd but I want to talk about what I buy from the supermarket. My eating style has changed drastically since the 1st March. In stead of eating the lunch food at work I've been making my own lunch and taking it in. I've been trying to eat more healthily. Now, back in 2015 I WAS eating very healthily and then I got into a relationship. Obviously I don't BLAME my boyfriend what-so-ever, but because I was more relaxed and happy with him I started to eat bad food that I would never consider buying for myself before. We got into a real routine of ordering a takeaway each week end and having pizza or Indian. I obviously LOVED that, but from 1st March I knew I needed to change.

Now my meals consist of:

Breakfast - either a small handful of granola and fruit on top or just fruit.
Lunch - a small box of food. Examples would be roasted peppers or butternut squash burgers or home made meatballs, etc. I make all of these from scratch so I know exactly what has gone into them.
Snack - Seeds/Nuts
Dinner - Soup or a small pie or left overs from my lunch food.

Obviously if my friends suddenly say 'LETS GO OUT FOR BURGERS!' I'm not going to say no, but whatever I'm eating at home or work I want to make sure it's healthier food. I've done weeks occasionally before when I make my own food for work but not often enough. Now for two weeks I've been preparing my food the night before and it's turned into something I love. In week one simply by making my own lunch and not eating the one at work (which is a full blown cooked meal) I lost 3 pounds. What the heck. This wasn't even the plan, I just wanted to become healthier.

So now I want to talk to you about a couple of my favourite foods to buy...

I always saw a colleague eating stuff from the Food Doctor before and just assumed it would taste disgusting. I wanted to eat biscuits and chocolates so the 'roasted bean mix' just didn't appeal that much. I bought it two weeks ago and let me tell you, this stuff is the shizz. Don't eat it by the bagful, but a couple of handfuls really picks me up - they taste SO YUMMY. 

A higgidy pie is sort of my cheat dinner. If I'm super rushed or busy or I haven't eaten enough for breakfast and lunch that day I turn to one of these pies. I've tried 6 different types and they're all AMAZING, I highly recommend them. 

Okay this truly blows my mind. One week I'm not that into soup and think it's just like drinking water. The next week I'm so upset when I go on my weekly food shop and see that they've ran out of the sweet butternut squash & tarragon soup! This stuff is this the bomb. Sometimes I eat it with ryvita or sometimes just on its own and I think it's super delicious. 

These were just three of my favourites but maybe one day I'll post a 'what I've been eating this week'. I feel like those things are kind of fun. Or a genuine 'What I bought this week from the supermarket', but these are definitely my three faves for this week! 

I hope you're all having a great week end,
Love & hugs,

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