Friday, 4 March 2016

The art tools that I trust and love!

Hi Friends,

Something a bit more close to home for me today - all about art tools! Part of my job as being an art technician is to order all of the supplies and I have become slightly obsessed with trialling all of the free products recently! At the end of the day, when suppliers bring out new things I always compare them to my ultimate favourite from another company and if they're no better than I'm sticking with the old one! SO today I thought I'd share with you just a few items that are my holy grail art products.

Acrylic Paint: Daler Rowney, System 3 paint. I only chose this tube because its one of the least used ones and therefore least squashed!

Fine Liner: Edding 55 finalizers are AMAZING, they don't bleed at all and have a very fine point. 

Colored Pencils: Bruynzeel pencils are my favourites for watercolor pencils. They blend really beautifully and have a great colour range. 

Graphite pencils: I order the Staedtler ones for work and I've started using them more myself too. They're soft and I love them! 

I hope that this has helped you next time you're off to buy some art equipment! There will definitely be a different version for putting together a photography portfolio as it's an entirely different set of tools!

I hope you all have a fantastic week end,

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