Sunday, 20 March 2016

Doodle with me...

Hi Friends,

I've been obsessed with doing my art recently. I don't know what it's been, but because this week has been so difficult art has been my way of chilling out and calming down. 

I was GOING to update you on my journal circle because I've done about 7 pages this week which is crazy - I NEVER have that much time. However, this week end it's actually being displayed alongside the other journals in the circle, so I can't show you that! 

I'm just going to show you a couple of pages form my old journal. This one I particularly loved because I always told my friends they could join in. For example, on the page filled with white pen there is a little star right in the middle which I didn't do, one of my friends did. They've put their touch on these pages which makes me really happy. My art has changed so much since this but I thought I'd show you anyway!

I hope you've liked looking at my old art! I'm going to post my current stuff soon so I'm sure you'll be able to see how different it is.

Love & hugs,

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