Thursday, 28 January 2016

New Years Resolutions?

Hi Friends,

Around this time of the month everyone's thinking the same thing 'I've already failed my new years resolution'. But I want to keep on top of mine and monitor them!

So let's go through them...

1. I want to do well in my degree module: this one is hard to tell so far but I'm still working hard and hopefully I'll do well on this next assignment, I'm trying to stay positive. 

2. Making sure I don't put too much effort into friends who don't give effort back: I've started the year making sure I only dedicate my time to people who love and care about me. I think this is such an important one for my happiness. 

3. Get back into reading! I'm so happy that this one has worked. I've already spoken on this post about my book of January, 1984. Every few months I'll definitely update on which books I'm reading, but I'm really enjoying this one so far. 

4. I want to get back into exercising. I'm getting there slowly with more yoga and personal training. This month so far I have lost 3 pounds purely through a healthier frame of mind. 

5. I've kept up blogging every other day even though it's been hard - and it's only month one! During the holidays this is easy, which I found during Blogmas. However, during work time it's a lot harder so I'm just learning how to be organised! 

6. I'm trying a new recipe every month, which was a Dahl this month. But I also started a new Brownie recipe which was INCREDIBLE - check out the recipe here

7. Establishing a good skincare routine - I'm so proud of myself for this one. I'm loving getting through the different products and cleansing my skin more regularly. I wrote about the products I've been using in this post and I've found they've really helped. 

8. Doing my own artwork - Somehow I've found time to do some more of my own artwork. I've started a sketchbook circle with my colleagues which I've spoken in depth about here, I'd recommend it to anyone. 

9. Redecorating the flat - I've made a huge list of ways I'd like to decorate the flat. I selected a few at the beginning of the month that I was certain I wanted to do and managed all of them! These are: buying new pillow cases, putting up frames about my bed and putting up some art in the living room! If I pick 3 things each month the list will be gone by the end of the year. 

10. Having a date night each week with my boyfriend - having the week ends with him is so important to me because he keeps me so happy and relaxed. 

How are you doing with your new years resolutions? 

Love & hugs,

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