Wednesday, 20 January 2016

How to make a house a home!

Hi Friends,

After discussing my tips on moving house and cheap ways to decorate, I want to talk about how to make a house into a home. These aren't all 'free' as the last post on home decor was, but they're ways to make your house feel homely very fast.

I loved my flat as soon as I bought it but one of the first things that made a HUGE different was putting up pictures. Even if it's just sticking things on your fridge, it makes the walls personalised, rather than rooms filled with furniture and plain walls.

Another big one for me was plants. I never thought this would be the case but bringing in plants that are green and having life in the flat was so uplifting for me.

Mirrors! Now, I'm not a fan of looking at myself by any means, but I bought a large mirror from Home Sense to go in my hallway. This means I can check what I look like before stepping out the door. More importantly, my hallway has no natural  lighting and because of the mirror any lights are then reflected back, making the area so much lighter - I love it!

Add in little touches of 'you'. These would be seen in my lanterns, my cushions, the books everywhere, little things that make it clear to any visitor that this is where you live because the space reflects your personality.

All of these little things really add up and take your house from being bare to being personalised and a place where you really want to spend your time!

Love & hugs,

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