Monday, 18 January 2016

My make up storage!

Hi Friends,

When I moved into my own place in August 2014 I knew I wanted to have a space to do my make up. When I was at my parents house I used one desk for homework and make up and art but this time I wanted a separate make up table. Alongside this purchase I knew I wanted the Alex drawers from IKEA. SO today I'm going to show you my make up storage in these drawers and around my vanity area.

The drawers seem to be a staple for all make up addicts. At one point my make up did genuinely fill about 7 out of the 9 drawers, the bottom two were kept for nail products and body products. Now I think I have compressed my make up into 5 drawers which feels much more manageable, and I know I actually do like all of the products in there.

You can see how well everything fits in. SO much product can be stored in one drawer which is amazing. My only problem is that you can see the drawers go quite far back and sometimes I forget about the products that are hidden back there. For example, in the drawer above you can see there's a Benefit brow product, lots of Urban Decay primer samples and some other items I completely forget about. It's not an ugly piece of furniture, but it's not fun, so I'm thinking about getting some decorative knobs for mine to jazz it up a bit! I actually have this problem with a few items of my furniture, because IKEA is what I could afford when I moved house. However, for price and for storage purposes this piece of furniture is AMAZING.

For lipsticks, the Alex drawers don't really hold them well, so I bought 4 lipstick holders to store them separately on top of my desk. I find this much more convenient than any other set up, especially with my Mac colours because it's much easier to be able to store them upside down and read the name.

I don't actually wear lipgloss that often at all but I store some in my drawers and some in this Muji shelving. Muji is a great shop for storage (and fine liners...) and these house my lip glosses perfectly.

I store my every day make up in the drawer in my desk along side my palettes. This way it's quicker for me to put on my make up in the morning before work without having to rummage through lots of different drawers if I'm in a rush! I love that this makes these things accessible and that I can stack up my Naked palettes, Mac palettes, etc, without having them all lying flat.

I think eventually I will dramatically downsize my collection even more and at that point the drawers may be used for art storage but for now they're perfect. How do you store your make up?

Love & hugs,

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