Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How I pack my suitcase!

Hi Friends,

Recently during my trip to Florence which you can read about here, I packed everything I needed in only hand luggage! I have done this quite a few times now and I feel like I've got the process down. I quickly wanted to talk to you guys about how to pack for a few days away.

In the front pocket of my bag I carry whatever book I'm reading because let's get real - I CANNOT go a whole flight without a bit of reading! I carry my bag full of liquids so that it's easy to pull out at the airport, a long with any laptop or iPad I might be taking! On this trip my liquids were pretty simple: Garnier cleanser, Elemis toner, DKNY perfume, Zoella hand cream and Nivea deodorant, only the bare essentials for a 2 day trip! 

In this nifty little lipstick bag I actually keep my medication! This means it's all in one place and it's small enough to carry around with me during the day. I highly recommend this because it stops you taking boxes of tablets, you can just take the small strip that you need for the amount of time you are away. 

Santa gave me this gorgeous lingerie bag this year. This way I can unpack all my clean underwear when I arrive at the hotel and then put all the dirty washing back in this bag. I HIGHLY recommend this one if you are only taking a travel on. My potential fear is being stopped through security, they ask me to open my bag if I've forgotten a liquid in my make up bag etc. and all my underwear is on display. This would not be a fun moment. 

The final bag that comes with me is a rather large wash bag from Oliver Bonas. I have really learnt not to overpack my make up because I used to get to my holiday location with about double the lipsticks of the days I was spending away. 

Besides this I packed 1 pair of trousers, tops for the days and a cardigan in case it got cold.

I hope this has given you some packing inspiration for your next trip!

Love & hugs,

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