Monday, 13 February 2017

January on Instagram!

Hi Friends,

I haven't done an Instagram update for a really long time so here we go! These posts actually go from December through to February - seems I haven't posted tonnes the last couple of months.
I'm starting top left to bottom right...

1) Antigua

I posted a photo of Antigua recently when I was feeling pretty cold. I was shivering in bed and GREATLY missed the warm weather. I got my laptop out and started doing research on my holiday destinations for 2017 and I'm getting really excited.

2) Baby Shower

One of my dear friends and closest colleagues is having her baby girl in one month. We threw her a baby shower at work recently and it's really starting to set in that we only have one week of work left together.

3) Peter Pan

I recognise that I look like a potato in this photo, but I recently drove all the way to Bradford (3 hours from where I live!) to see my friend perform as Tiger Lily in Peter Pan. She was absolutely fantastic and I can't describe how proud of her I am.

4) Art Wall

Whilst staying in Bradford we were at an artists house... we couldn't stop laughing at the terrifying art all over the place but I actually thought this was pretty cool. They had covered their spare bedroom wall in cardboard and then painted this on it. Although this isn't something I'd do to my own house, it was still pretty swanky.

5) Protest

Recently there have been lots of marches in London. A lot. I was actually busy for this one but my sister went to the women's march and I was proud of her. She's standing up for something that my entire family is passionate about.

6) Iceland

At the start of January I posted a photo of Iceland because I was excited about planning a trip to New York with my mother. I was getting excited, AGAIN, about traveling, which reminded me of my fantastic trip to Iceland last year.

7) Gingerbread House

I had a hilarious afternoon with my sister over Christmas decorating a gingerbread house together. She brought it to my parents house and we just couldn't stop laughing - it's always harder than you think!

8) My Sister

Definitely not something I'm going to discuss in depth, but my sister has been unwell for a for a few years. Last summer got to the worst point its ever been and seeing her so happy on her birthday at the end of 2016 was just what my family needed.

9) Christmas Day

I was actually very unwell over Christmas, and look a bit worse for wear here but I loved Christmas day. Opening our stockings in the morning and getting to see my family reacting to the gifts I'd bought them was such a treat.

10) Scrapbooking

I had a lovely day in December when the Christmas holidays begun, filling in my scrap book. Pancakes was a great treat that I NEVER let myself have but I loved it.

11) Me

This was my first day off work. I went out for lunch with 9 other colleagues who I love and will miss terribly when I leave work in the summer. I was so happy to have the stress of work relieved for 3 weeks.

12) Christmas Party

We had a great Christmas party at work and the girls had set up a photo booth. I really enjoyed taking photos with the Art Department.

I hope you're somehow still here after this long rambly post! It's a bit of a long one so congrats for reading this far. I've had a good few months, mentally I'm definitely building myself back up and although I've been ill I'm definitely getting on track.

Love & hugs,

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