Saturday, 4 February 2017

January Favourites :)

Hi Friends,

WOW - January has just flown by. I've had a brilliant month which has included some lovely time with my partner. I have to mention this as one of my favourites! One of my more private resolutions was to spend more time with him this year, ensuring that we have at least one date night a week. This month we have had 2-3 date nights a week which has made me feel amazing - he makes me so happy.

Something I've LOVED doing this month has been filling in my 5 year diary. It's a book that my friend bought me that gives you about 4 lines to write in each day and allows you to include 5 years on each page. This is great because it means in January 2021 I'll be able to see what I was doing in January 2017! It's lovely to summarise the most important parts of my day. 

The Martian toner by Sunday Riley has been a dream for my skin this month. I had a terrible break out at the beginning of the month and this toner really helped clear up my skin. I don't want to write about it loads because I feel like I already did that in my updated skincare routine post, but I truly think it's important to spend some decent money on skincare.

An item of make up that has been lovely to wear a lot this month has been the NYX Liquid Suede liquid lipstick in Soft-Spoken. I think the colour is BEAUTIFUL - the perfect colour for me. I've been quite tired with work and to just be able to throw on mascara and this liquid lipstick has been lovely.

Final beauty favourite is the Jessica nail polish in the shade Gingersnap! This was a colour that I really loved when I got a pedicure with my mum and then SOMEHOW santa realised how much I liked it and put it in my stocking. It's a brilliant winter shade and I wore it for 3 weeks of January.

This month I also read the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TIme. I wrote about this and reviewed the book in a previous blog post so I don't want to bore you but it was super lovely to read. It wasn't particularly hard to read, took me a few evenings to read and the main character is so interesting. 

I watched Stranger Things on Netflix across December and January and it was INCREDIBLE. It's this brilliant TV series that is a sort of Science-Fiction/Horror genre and is set in the 80s. It starts off with a boy who goes missing and the journey that his family and friends go on to get him back. It was so original and just bloody brilliant. 

Last, but by no means least, I have loved exercising. I know - shocker! It was another resolution that I was determined to do! I set myself a minimum of 3 work outs a week, but I've ended up doing 5 workouts a week except for the last week of January when I was too ill. That meant I ended up working out 17 times in January and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. I've bought a few bits recently from Tesco that I've loved - their sports bras are actually amazing and this month I picked up some of their leggings and tops too!

I hope you enjoyed this post - not just beauty bits but tonnes of extras too! Have a fantastic February.

Love & hugs,

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