Thursday, 9 February 2017

A little food shop!

Hi Friends,

So, I think I've done this once before and I actually really enjoyed it. This is my food shop this week! Now, on top of this I've also purchased gifts for my partner, cards, gifts for my colleagues etc but I just wanted to do stuff for ME in this post.
Since being diagnosed with PCOS my doctor has me on insulin-resistant medication because my hormones have made me completely resistant to any insulin. While I take these tablets (FOR 6 MONTHS!) I have had to cut all carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice and potato) and all sweet foods out of my diet. Now I did ask my doctor about fruit because actually there's a lot of sugars in fruit and juice and she said they would be okay in moderation.

So here it is! My food shop of the week! I know that not everyone is into this but actually some people (including me...) bloody love these types of posts because although 'what I ate today' posts are good sometimes it's good to see the overall picture...

-Cauliflower cous cous
-Butternut Squash

-Chicken with Spinach and Ricotta filling
-Minced meat


-Greek Yoghurt
-Green Tea
-Kallo Ricecakes

I hope you're having a great February and that your healthy eating hasn't stopped since January!

Love & hugs,

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