Monday, 6 February 2017

Beauty Haul!

Hi Friends,

Recently I've been purchasing a few new beauty products! I know I shouldn't do this because I already have a stupid amount of make up but there have just been a few things that I've really wanted to try. 

Firstly I got the Hourglass primer in Luminous Light. I've never been that good at trying Primers but I was at the Hourglass counter in Space NK and the lady put this on underneath my Hourglass ambient lighting powder and it looked really natural - something I love. On those days when I don't want foundation or concealer it's just great to have this underneath the powder, they work very well together.

I also got the Laura Mercier invisible loose setting powder in 'Universal'. I've never really been into invisible powders because I've never got the point of them. I wanted to try something new so I bought it on a bit of a whim. It has a LOVELY finish and feels amazing. I never got the point of them before because there's no colour but it just really smooths out my skin.

I also sent off for a bit of a Tarte order! I've wanted to try the Tartalette in bloom palette for... forever! (that's dramatic.. but since it came out!). I've always thought that these colours were RIGHT up my street and they totally are and the palette isn't actually that big, which is good. The Rainforest of the Sea foundation is brilliant. I didn't actually have high expectations of it but as soon as I started putting it on it blended really well into my skin. It's a great colour match for me and has a lovely consistency.

Last, but by no means least, I wanted a new mascara. Mascaras actually go out of date really quickly so I thought I should probably get a new one. Also I noticed that a LOT of mascaras sort of smudge down my face over the day which isn't a great look. I LOVE the Too Faced Better than sex mascara but I wanted to try the waterproof version to stop my make up running. 

I don't often buy all new make up products that I REALLY love but I'd recommend all 5 of these.

I hope you're having a brilliant week and are enjoying the start of February!

Love & hugs,

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