Monday, 25 April 2016

Brand Focus: Nars

Hi Friends,

Today I want to talk about my top 5 things from the brand Nars! The concept of this series is that I pick a brand and then talk about 5 of their products that I love most. I wish I was able to read something like this when I started to get into make up because I remember going up to different make up counters and feeling overwhelmed with all of their products and not knowing what to look for! Hopefully this means next time you walk up to the Nars counter you'll have a couple of things to look out for.

This has been so hard to narrow down, which I guess is a good thing because it means that there are LOADS of things that I love about the brand! Now I know this is a bit of cheating but I have to do a massive quick disclaimer and say that I'm actually mentioning 2 more Nars products in my favorites post on Wednesday which I haven't included here... I know this means that I'm actually cheating and talking about 7 products but I'M ALLOWED! Something to say really quickly before you start reading (sorry, I'm a rambler) is that it's quite hard for me to use up an entire product. I don't want that to sound bad or big headed or anything, but I have quite a lot of make up so for me to get through any product completely is pretty hard because I try to change up my make up a lot and not have a 'go-to' look so that I'm using up my collection evenly. I've actually used up a few Nars products which says a lot.

1 - Laguna Bronzer

This is the only bronzer I've ever completely used up, that must mean it's a good product right?! There's a reason that it's such a popular item. As soon as I hit the pan I went out and bought myself a back up one because I was so fearful that I'd run out and not have one spare... make up problems!

2 - Lipgloss in Chihuahua

I am not a lipgloss fan at all. I hate that there's an area of make up that I just don't rate but there is. I prefer lipstick SO much, it lasts longer, the colour pay off is better, my hair doesn't get attached to my lips... there are just too many reasons. I actually have a silly amount of lipgloss considering that it's not my favourite thing, but the Nars lipgloss formula, specifically in this colour, is beautiful on. The colour suits me really well and I think it would suit every skin tone.

3 - Creamy Concealer

This concealer is right at the end of it's life but I can't let it go until I've bought a new one! It's really fantastic and full coverage, probably my most used concealer of all time.

4 - Sheer glow foundation

This is such an iconic foundation loved by pretty much every blogger! The colour matches my skin super well and the coverage is exactly what I want. Sometimes I find foundations too thick and full covering, sometimes they're too thin and doesn't cover enough - this one is just perfect for me!

5 - Eyeshadow in Cassiopeia 

Nars eyeshadows are really pigmented and the range of colours are beautiful. My favourite formulation by Nars is duo-chrome ones because the colours are very duo-chrome and pigmented.

I hope this has given you some Nars inspiration! It's a very exciting and dynamic brand which I've been using for such a long time.

Love & hugs,

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