Sunday, 15 January 2017

Update Skincare Routine...

Hi Friends,

My skin hates me. I've had acne since I was really quite young and guess what my friends? It hasn't completely gone, even at the age of 23... woop woop!

Either way - I've thoroughly enjoyed using these products for the first two weeks of 2017 so I thought I'd share them with you.

First in my skincare routine is this milk cleanser by Clarins. Now you may look at this and want to say 'But Lucy... it's full!'. Fear not my friends, I have just finished using their sample since and am moving onto this big bottle. The fact that the Clarins samples are about two weeks worth of product is actually crazy. I have quite a lot of samples from Clarins and they're always a really decent size. It's really soothing and which suits my sensitive skin very well. I also exfoliate my skin a few times a week and I love using this one from Clarins. I sound like a bloody Clarins ad now, but I'm telling ya - that stuff is excellent.

For toner I've been using The Martian by Sunday Riley. Why is all my skincare so expensive? I actually DON'T know. What I do know is that it feels dreamy on my face. It's a gel to water consistency and it's treated my skin very well. For moisturiser I've used the Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins which is a pretty nostalgic product. My mum always used it when I was younger so the smell and everything about it reminds me of my mum. It's not too heavy and preps my skin for make up very well.

Last but by no means least, my Clarins lip oil. It's really hydrating for my very dry lips and I'm now in love with using oils over balms. I use this every evening so that it can work its magic over night! In the mornings I won't use it if I'm about to put on a lipstick, but if I don't want anything else on my lips then it's perfect.

I hope you've enjoyed this speedy update on my skincare - I know they're all expensive products but I'm also sure that I'll be doing a high street make up routine soon too because you can get some brilliant products in Boots and Superdrug.

Love & hugs,

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