Tuesday, 10 January 2017

2017 Resolutions and Goals!

Hi Friends,

I'm slightly obsessed with making New Years Resolutions and STICKING to them (... most of the time). I did this last year and I think I completed about 9/10 of them so I thought I'd share some resolutions and goals.

1) Complete my degree. This has been four years in the making but this year I'm completing my final module for my degree. This is actually the hardest module yet. Trying to balance the increasing demands at work, my social life, degree work, keeping on top of the flat etc is really hard and for some reason this module seems to be the hardest one to keep on top of but I AM really enjoying it. Once I've completed my degree I'm starting a new course in September for one year as I'm training to be a teacher!

2) Continue to create MORE of my own artwork. I think working in a school art department is incredible but sometimes you end up spending so much time working with the students and focussing on their artwork but forget that actually you're an artist yourself. Last year I created MUCH more of my own work and in 2017 I want to do that even more. I want to go on a few art courses and just ensure that I make time for it every week.

3) I want to read one book a month. This is something I actually aimed to do last year and didn't manage to complete. I definitely read 12 books but a lot of them were during the summer holiday. I want to make sure I read one book a month because it's a brilliant way to wind down and I LOVE reading... when I have the time.

4) I need to get back into exercise. Throughout 2016 I exercised sporadically. In 2015 I was very consistent but then 2016 I did yoga once a week but then I'd have a random month of working out and then I'd stop... or I'd run regularly for one week and then stop. This year I want to be more consistent in the gym. I've joined my local gym and I absolutely love it so hopefully this will continue!

5) Sort of on the same theme as resolution 4, I want to run 10k. That seems like nothing to a lot of people but I used to be able to run a half marathon. I injured my back in a big way during 2015 and after a lot of rehabilitation I'm back into running. I'm not going to aim for a half marathon again... maybe eventually, but right now it's just 10k to get me going.

6) I want to be more organised. I'm a pretty organised person but towards the end of last year it seemed to go a bit pear shaped which was definitely stress related. I need to recognise that even if I'm stressed or upset it's important to stay organised. I've got a new journal which I love so hopefully that'll help. I want to organise this blog routine better, make sure I organise enough time to have one date night with my partner each week and organise and plan a lot of time dedicated to myself. That sounds selfish but I don't even care! I want to plan in hours to do my own art, to read, to pamper myself so that I am as happy as I can be in 2017.

And that's it team! There are a few more personal ones that are just for me, but we'll see where I am at the end of the year. I feel like by mainly focussing on these 6 I'll be able to complete all of them this year!

If you have any amazing resolutions please let me know because I bloody love a resolution. I love checking how my resolutions are going every month and seeing how dedicated I am to it.

Love & hugs,

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