Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May Favourites!

Hi Friends,

Today I want to talk to you about my May favourites. May went past so quickly, I'm slightly baffled that we're already in June. I've got a very eclectic mix this month, not just beauty favourites so let's get into it!

Normally I start these posts with beauty items but this time I HAVE to start with food because the Deli sweet chili with sour cream pitta chips are THE BOMB. They are my 100% my favourite new snack, I could eat them for days. At one point I ate 3 bags in 2 days. Granted, I did share some of them, but I still think this is a bit ridiculous, I need to learn some self control.

My next favourite is also a bit odd because I've never spoken about jewelry before but I want to tell you how much I adore my Stilnest Anna Saccone Joly's rose gold scorpio necklace. It's absolutely gorgeous and I've worn it every day since I've had it. The quality is really nice and the short chain is the perfect length for me.

Another huge love of mine has been the new Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. I think it's the only eyeshadow palette I've used this entire month and there's a very good reason! The colours are absolutely amazing and the pigmentation is great. My favourite colours from the palette are probably white peach, lucious, georgia, puree, bellini, caramelized and summer yum...just to name a few! I've previously reviewed this palette and shown swatches on a different post you can read here.

Every month for a long long time now I've been using the Charlotte Tilbury full fat lashes mascara every day. I know that I'll be using the new Legendary lashes one soon and that I'm SURE I'll fall in love with that too, but for now I'm doing a product 10 pan which has stopped me from buying make up! The full fat lashes mascara picks up lashes I didn't even realise I had! It's really separating, defining, lengthening without being clumpy and gloopy - I'm obsessed with it.

My best friend and I were having a bit of boy drama last month and decided to fix it all with a small shopping spree at Boots! Well, I did. She is very self controlled. I bought a few polishes and I've been wearing one of them for Essie which I think is a gorgeous colour. It's called Lounge Lover and it's really nice and bright for Spring/Summer.

Something that I've definitely been loving, that I'm sure a lot of people take for granted, is my phone. I updated my phone this month to an iPhone 6S and I absolutely love it. It's amazing how much everyone uses their phones these days and I love mine. I pretty much use my phone to organize my life, the fact that technology is this advanced BAFFLES me.

Musicwise... (that's a word.).. I've been slightly obsessed with Tom Odell's Magnetised, I really love the lyrics, give it a listen!

I've also been loving Sia's Cheap Thrills - there's something REALLY catch about that beat! I listen to it whilst cleaning the Kitchen each morning and I DEFINITELY frustrate my neighbours by singing along at the top of my lungs.

Finally, a TV show I've been re-watching (currently on season 5...for the fourth time) is One Tree Hill. This was my childhood in a nutshell. It was my favourite show when I was younger and I still love it now. It makes me feel so naive and hopeful about life, which is sometimes just what's needed.

I hope you all had a fantastic month in May and I'm sure June will also be great!

Love & hugs,

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