Sunday, 5 June 2016

Anna Saccone Stilnest Necklace!

 Hi Friends,

Ever since the Stillest Anna Saccone necklaces appeared online I fell in love with them. I wanted one for months and months and last month I just pretended that I could afford it and bought one! Granted, it meant that I was terrified of running out of petrol or food, but the necklace arrived and it's beautiful.

This is a line of necklaces, one for each star sign and mine is scorpio. They come in silver, gold and rose gold and I picked the rose gold option. I partly picked this because my watch is rose gold but I also just think this one looks beautiful. Part of me wanted one of each, which I realise would be ridiculous so I managed to resist! 

There is also a line of bracelets with the same pendants and charm bracelets, which are also all gorgeous of course. They can all be found if you click on this link: enjoy! 

I've never written a post on a piece of jewelry before but I really wanted to for this piece as I know I will be wearing it every day. This may happen again with the next piece!

Love & hugs,

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