Thursday, 1 September 2016

August Favourites!

Wow. Okay so long time no speak...almost three months.

I wanted to start this post off by doing the usual thing of 'I've been busy', but that's not it. Of course, I have been busy but I've also been pushed and pushed to the point where extra things that I loved to do like writing blog posts had to stop to make room for a bit of self care.

These past few months have been challenging to say the least and I wasn't in the right emotional state to be writing fun blog posts about lipsticks. I'm not even sure if I'm there right now, but I was looking at some of these items and just thought 'dang... I'd like to write a blog post on them'. This doesn't mean that I'm back to writing every other day. It might be once a week, twice a week, once a month... once in a blue moon, I'll have to see how it goes because I'm still managing a lot in my personal life.

Ramble over - thank you for everyone who has stuck around, lets talk about some August favourites. Who is buzzing for September?! I am PUMPED. I've already got my gingerbread scented reed diffuser waiting on top of my chest of drawers because Autumn is SO CLOSE! (and it's probably my favourite season). I honestly cannot wait to be snuggled up in warm jackets and making minced pies... even though its still super hot for now.

My favourites are about to be a serious eclectic mix! So here we go...

I was shopping with my mum for some serious spending therapy and we went into Oliver Bonas and found these adorable cushions! They were half price in the sale and they just make my room so bright and fun!

Another odd one but the Tesco stationary is adorable this summer. I bought this notebook for my new degree module and I just think it's lovely. 

I've had a few favourites over the summer that have been staples in my make up bag. I've used the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer because the coverage is incredible and my skin hasn't been super happy. I bought Mac Gingerly blush and the Claris Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 04 during my holiday in Copenhagen! They both suit my colouring really well so they have been worn to death. 

I had Essie's nail polish in Watermelon on my toes for the entire summer holidays which was great because it was fun and bright and it lasted really well. I also discovered the INCREDIBLE fluidline brow gelcreme by Mac this summer in the colour Redhead which is like no bro product I've ever used before. Companies always make products for people with blonde or brunette hair but they're ALWAYS too dark. This is the perfect colour for me so I'm thrilled with it. 

Recently in the shower I've been religiously using the Original Source Green Banana and Bamboo Milk shower milk. I love the scent because it feels tropical and almost reminds me of my holidays. 

Okay I understand this is strange but this bloody cleaning product is great! It smells like rose and apple blossom and you just pour it into your loo each evening and the next morning its lovely and clean. It's easy and smells great. I know this isn't relevant to everyone but if you have to clean a loo, clean it with Bloo... (see what I did there?!)

I bought a few Victoria's Secret body mists recently and I found Wild at Heart to be my favourite summer scent. It's very sweet with scents of Red Passion Fruit and sheer Musk. Another product that has been such an amazing comfort has been the Champneys Indulgent dry body oil from the 'A well earned treat' line. This isn't something I'd normally buy myself but mum surprised me with an extra special spa day for the two of us recently so I bought us both these in the shop. Whenever I need a pick up I use this after my shower and the smell and feel just makes me feel pampered. 

Finally, the L'Oreal pre-shampoo clay mask treatment has been another great part of my pampering routine. I've been trying lots of hair masks over the past year and this has definitely been one of my favourites, although I do prefer applying masks to wet hair. 

Thank you for sticking around - sorry this is very long and rambly... I haven't done this for a while.

Lots of love & hugs as always,

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