Thursday, 2 April 2015

For the first time in forever...

Hi Friends :)

I've never been good at writing. How I wriggled my way into top set English class is still a mystery, I had intelligent friends and I think the teacher felt sorry for me. Despite this, blogging has been an interest of mine since 2009! I've always been told by university tutors that I MUST have an art blog because  every art student has one (...really? EVERY art student?). Either way, after the glamorous Danii began 'The Danii Diaries' (she was in top set English for the right reasons!) I thought I should take the terrifying plunge into creating my own blog. However, when it came to imagining the first post I thought of little me back in 2009, looking up a review of a new mascara or good books to read and I decided that I didn't want a blog just for art. Although posting my own art work is by far the scariest part, I'd like to ease the pain with banana bread recipes, films I adore or nail polishes I find 'essential'. By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert in any of these areas, in fact, in some I am quite the amateur (I'm a terrible baker!) but everyone has to start somewhere. I'd like to try posting on make up, travel, thing I love, art, food and home decor... Aka the stereotypical girlie blog. 

This first post is purely an introduction: my name is Lucy and I study art history online. I work full time as an art technician and carer, which can be a lot to juggle. I live in a little flat by myself which I adore. One day I hope to teach art, own an unacceptable number of pets, travel the world and maybe even find a boy to enjoy it all with, but that's all a long way off. For now, this is all new to me and, even if no one is reading it, at least I'm facing my fears, one of my New Year's resolutions. 

Love & Hugs

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