Wednesday, 29 April 2015

3 things I learnt from 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler

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I've always thought Amy Poehler was amazing in Parks and Recreation, but I truly fell in love with her when I read her book 'Yes Please'. With chapter titles such as 'Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend' and 'The Robots Will Kill Us All', how could I not be? Amy's book includes personal stories, important advice and hilarious comments about sex, friendships, parenting, work and everything in between.

So, I have learnt:
1) This woman has some seriously good life advice. Just when you think you're reading about one of her every day stories, it suddenly changes into some great advice. I particularly liked the advice from her parents: 'have male friends', 'girls can do anything boys can do'.

2) Amy is HILARIOUS. After reading an apology she wrote early in the book I was near tears, but besides this moment the book was hilarious. There is a brilliant list of potential divorce books (Divorce: 10 ways not to catch it!) and a haiku about plastic surgery. If you need a chuckle, this book is the one!

3) She has worked really hard to get where she is. There often seems to be a misconception that all celebrities just 'become' famous. Amy's book lists the multiple jobs she's had, how she got to where she is now and how hard she had to work to get there - she has a really admirable work ethic.

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