Saturday, 18 April 2015

Happiness is a fresh, seasonal avocado.

It actually is. Avocado is the bomb.
This is superrrrr simple, but I've already explained, I'm no chef - I'm trying to improve, okay?!

Over the easter holidays, a now distant memory, I felt lost as to what to make for lunch! I never make lunch, it's always given to me at work, but I wanted to think of something quick and yummy to make during my days of hard, painful degree work (which I regularly abandoned for friends).

So here it is, the simplest, scrummiest lunch!

Recently my sister's boyfriend taught me how to poach an egg (thanks Laurie!) but you can also use fried or scrambled (I'm a sunny-side up lover). Either way, to poach these eggs, I cut a large square of cling film and put it in one of the gaps in my egg box where my egg would have been. I cracked the egg into the cling film and quickly grabbed the corners to twist them together. Once my cling film egg was secure and my water was slightly simmering, I stirred my water quickly and placed the egg in the middle.

Then I mashed an avocado, spread it on my biona organic rye bread and added a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Once the eggs were cooked, I CAREFULLY (key word: avoid burning) got them out of the water and unwrapped them from the cling film. No egg is finished without a sprinkling of salt (Himalayan Pink Sea Salt preferably...) and pepper.

This lunch is frickin' delicious. I seriously recommend it for anyone who needs to make a quick meal.
NOW! off to celebrate my best friends birthday...

I hope you're all having a jammy saturday!

Love & Hugs


  1. Mjum, this looks so good! I'll try it out very soon. ^^ X

  2. Still not tried rye bread but I think I should give it a go.
    Aleeha xXx

  3. How yummy! I have to try this, I've never had it before. :D