Monday, 26 June 2017

48 hours in New York City!

Hi Friends,

For the final few months of finishing my degree I stopped posting. I needed to put my all into my degree and this couldn't be my priority at the time. For a first post back I've decided to write about my trip to New York. I went to do some research for my final dissertation and had a fantastic couple of days. 

Now, this guide to new York is slightly catered to those wanting to visit a few art galleries! 
The first stop on our trip was Two Hands coffee shop. It's oddly placed on the edge of China Town but it's my favourite cafe in the world. The coffee there is delicious and I would highly recommend and acai bowl! The guys are so friendly and welcoming, if only it was round the corner from my flat. 

We decided to re-create my blog photo two years later... not much has changed! 

We then went on to my favourite art gallery in the world (do you see a theme emerging here?!) The Brooklyn Museum! There was an exhibition on by Marilyn Minter called Pretty Dirty. The exhibition explored the representation of female beauty in todays society... if you know me, you'll know that's RIGHT up my street. I thought the photographs were beautiful and I was completely mesmerized. 

The afternoon is an appropriate time to do some shopping! Prince Street is my favourite area to do this - it's not as manic as the more popular areas but still has all of the best shops. I'd highly recommend Dean and Deluca if you're in need of a quick afternoon coffee! 

The next morning we decided to walk the high line before breakfast. Doing this walk never fails to make me happy - the street art is brilliant and it's very calm first thing in the morning. 

We then popped into the Fat Raddish for breakfast. On top of the DELICIOUS food the design inside is lovely. Nothing makes me happy like a bit of exposed brick and a bloody big mirror!

We then spent our final day in the Guggenheim Museum. What I love about the Guggenheim is that you're typically not there to look at a whole exhibition, but an eclectic selection of art by many artists. On top of that, it goes without saying that the architecture is beautiful. It's right next to Central Park which is lovely to explore after. It feels like you're instantly out of the city even though you're still in Manhattan. 

I hope this gives you a little bit of a to-do list of your next trip to the big apple - a city that I will never be bored of!

Have a fantastic week,

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